What do a Broadway-or-bust diva, an avant-garde performance artist, a dancer starting too late, and a hapless jack of all trades have in common? Find out in the new webseries, This Is Art, a satirical love letter to the postgraduate misadventures of undiscovered artists living in NYC.

In 2011 best friends and creative duo Anne Richmond and Emily Floyd sat down to write This Is Art, inspired by their own post-art school stories, the many characters with whom they'd worked, and their unique experiences as performers in the city. As avid followers and participants in the New York webseries community, they felt they had faces and voices not yet seen or heard in the webseries scene, so the decision to turn their script into a webseries was an easy and obvious one. Once the script and creative team were assembled, Anne and Emily set to work on an Indiegogo funding campaign, gaining a rapidly growing supportive community and raising over $7000 - well beyond their initial $6000 goal.

The series was filmed with director James Herron over the course of two weeks in October of 2011. In the aftermath of quite a few post-production hurdles delaying its release, Anne and Emily were introduced to editor Jamie Kennedy who, as it turns out, was the missing puzzle piece to This Is Art's big picture all along. Not long after that, Season One was finished and ready for the masses!

Now, in partnership with BroadwayWorld.com and BWW's Comedy World, we are proud to present to you This Is Art: The Webseries.

This project has always been about sharing our progress online from the ground up and serving as a voice for our creative community. In conjunction with our show, we feature other new media artists and their groundbreaking work in our “Digital Spotlight” mini-series, creating opportunities for them to share their process and connect with their peers. In addition to telling the story of Cami and D, we hope to connect new media artists from around the world, give them a voice, and tell their story. Together we will show the world what art can be. For more information on our process, and for our digital spotlight series, check out our blog!